Get more website traffic with the free SEO YOUR WEBSITE IN 5 DAYS Challenge
Learn how to DIY your SEO, without all the confusion!
It's true...lots of website traffic is going to help grow your business a lot faster.

While you can spend all the time in the world posting on social media, there is a huge market out there who are already looking for you online.

But if you're not showing up when people search for you, you're just not putting your name (or your website) in the hat! 

That's a big missed opportunity for your business.

I don't want you to ignore it any longer, so let's take it out of the too hard basket. This challenge is simple, strategic and step by step.
This challenge is so good, it shouldn't be free!
Hi, I'm Louise
I've been working with multi-national companies for five years, helping them to rank all over the world in Google. I'm not a geek, and I know you don't have to be in order to be successful at SEO.

I want to help business owners like you achieve greater results with your own website SEO, so that you can increase the amount of organic and interested visitors hitting YOUR website every day. 

I want you to be able to achieve this without having to invest in expensive monthly retainers that SEO firms charge. And I'm going to make it simple.

Over 700 people have already done this free challenge, with great feedback, and I'd love for you to benefit from this too.
Here's what some SEO Challenge fans had to say:

"Hey Louise...I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your free challenge. I've seen a huge improvement in my SEO for my website already, after only having time for some minor tweaks in the past week. 

I'm surprised I'm already outranking some very well-established pet food websites and some new ones that look like they've spent a fortune on expensive web designers. 

Thanks again, and I'm so glad I've come across you!"
Paula Short, Genius Pet Food
The challenge includes:
  •  Daily emails for five days with very clear instructions on what to do to complete the daily challenge. 
  •  A supportive Facebook community of like-minded business owners who are working through the challenge at the same time as you. 
  •  Only actionable advice...not a bunch of theory. I'm only telling you what you need to know. 
Join me, the challenge starts on Monday 4th March