Learn how to DIY your SEO with the 
Learn how to get more traffic, more leads and more sales!
Where do you go when you know you need something...you've just gotta do a bit of research, figure out the best one, and then purchase?

Google...that's where. 

And your customers are no different. 

My question to you is, are your customers likely to find you on Google? 

If not, you're leaving money on the table that is being swallowed up your competition.

That's a big missed opportunity for your business.

I don't want you to ignore it any longer, so let's take it out of the too hard basket. 

This challenge is simple, strategic and step by step.
Hi, I'm Louise
I help businesses like yours rank on Google so you can get more customers.

This journey started many years ago when I was tasked with marketing little known companies at the bottom of the world to an international market. 

I started out with the usual email marketing and social media, but it seemed like a lot of work to attract a customer who wasn't going to buy...at least not right now.

I decided to start tinkering away at the SEO on their websites and before long, it started to work. Rankings were improving, but most importantly so was the website traffic. Before long, there was a steady stream of enquiries coming in from customers ready to buy NOW!

Many number one and first page rankings later, I'm now sharing with you how to achieve the same results for your business.

Over 1000 people have already done this mini-course, many with amazing results, and I'd love for you to benefit from this too.
Here's what past students have to say:

"Hey Louise...I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your free challenge. I've seen a huge improvement in my SEO for my website www.geniuspetfood.com already, after only having time for some minor tweaks in the past week. 

I'm surprised I'm already outranking some very well-established pet food websites and some new ones that look like they've spent a fortune on expensive web designers. 

Thanks again, and I'm so glad I've come across you!"
Paula Short, Genius Pet Food
The mini-course includes:
  • ​Daily emails for five days with very step-by-step instructions on what actions to take. 
  • ​A supportive Facebook community of like-minded business owners to ask questions if you get stuck.
  • ​Only actionable advice...not a bunch of theory. I'm only telling you what you need to know to get you from not ranking in Google to a well-optimised website.
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